Little boy teaches himself how to sew, has sewn hundreds of teddy bears for sick kids in need

While most kids are outside playing, 12-year-old Campbell isn’t. He prefers to stay inside to work on his sewing. His parents often find themselves encouraging their son to leave his sewing machine for his video games or to take a break from the workshop in his room to go outside and play with his siblings. Often times, Campbell will sneak back up to his room to work on his projects, and his parents can’t help but be proud.

That’s because Campbell sews teddy bears for children who are sick

His passion has allowed him to make hundreds of teddy bears for children who are either in the hospital or at home fighting their battles with various illnesses and conditions. Campbell just might be the most selfless kid out there.

The idea for the teddy bears began about three years ago when Campbell wanted to get Christmas gifts for all of the sick children in the hospital. His mother explained to him that there was no extra money in their large family to spend on gifts. That’s when the then 9-year-old was inspired to teach himself how to sew stuffed animals. If he couldn’t buy his peers a piece of comfort, then he’d make it.

Campbell is truly an inspiration. His goal is to create at least one stuffed animal a day to give away to a child that needs it. His determination and willingness to improve the lives of others is extremely admirable.

There’s no way this video won’t touch your heart.

Children aren’t the only people receiving Campbell’s work. After finding out that his father had cancer and that it wasn’t guaranteed that it wouldn’t return, Campbell made his father a teddy bear. It’s hard not to choke up when you hear his father’s reaction to the touching gift.

Since Campbell himself comes from humble means, he relies a lot on the community to donate materials for his teddy bears. Luckily, he has received an overwhelming amount of help in that department.

This boy’s big heart is amazing. It’s truly incredible when you think of how much of his own childhood he has devoted to making sure that other children are able to smile through theirs no matter the circumstances.

It’s not necessarily the stuffed animals themselves that are changing the lives of these children, it’s the sentiment behind them. It’s the power that they have to turn an ordinary moment into something extraordinary. It’s the power that they have to put a smile on their faces when it feels like there isn’t a reason. All of that and the fact that someone so young has recognized that power of comfort and caring is what is truly amazing about this project.

Be sure to watch this video to learn more about Campbell and his incredible story. It is sure to touch your heart!